Semester 1, 2017

BMS2021 Lecture Notes (HD)

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Summarized lecture contents, step-by-step explanation of complex molecular processes, and clearly-labelled pictures included!
Sentences and explanations are well-worded to ensure easy understanding of complicated concepts. Notes are based on lectures span from Week 1-11.

Topics (based on each lecture):
1. Regulation of Glucose Metabolism
2. Amino Acid Metabolism
3. Fasting, Starvation and Diabetes
4. G-protein Coupled Receptors and Secondary Messengers
5. Enzyme Coupled Receptors and Kinases
6. Intracellular Nuclear Receptors
7. Treating Human Diseases
8. Autonomic Control
9. Sympathetic System Activation
10. Drugs and its Metabolism
11. Mitosis
12. Nuclear Import, Mitochondria Protein Import
13. Endoplasmic Reticulum and Secretory Pathway
14. Golgi, Lysosome and Endocytosis
15. Cell Death
16. Intro to Developmental Biology
17. Cell signalling and Migration
18. Embryogenesis
19. Stem Cells

This subject can seem content-heavy, therefore it is important to understand the basis of complex concepts delivered in each lecture! These notes will help you jump straight to the point, and save lots of time!




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