Semester 1, 2017

BMS 2031 Lecture Notes (HD)

100 pages

19,259 words




Summarized lecture contents, step-by-step explanation of physiological processes, and clearly-labelled pictures included!
Sentences and explanations are well-worded to ensure easy understanding of complicated concepts.

Topics (based on each lecture):
1. Regulation of Arterial Blood Pressure and Cardiac Cycle
2. Body Fluids (Renal)
3. Urine formation
4. Tubular Reabsorption
5. Water Regulation
6. Na+ Regulation
7. Hypothalamus and Pituitary
8. Thyroid Gland
9. Calcium Balance
10. Respiratory System
11. Pulmonary Ventilation
12. Gas Exchange
13. Transport of Gases
14. Regulation of Ventilation
15. Motility of Gastrointestinal Tract
16. Gastric Secretions
17. Pancreatic Secretions
18. Male Reproductive System
19. Ovarian and Uterine Cycle
20. Gametes
21. Bile and Gallbladder Secretion

This subject can seem content-heavy, it is important to understand the basis of complex concepts delivered in each lecture! These notes will help you jump straight to the point, and save lots of time!




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