These notes serve as an exam revision summary of the QM1 course, but can also be read each week to further help your understanding after the lectures. The notes are UP TO DATE to the current curriculum as I have made them in semester 1 2017, in which I received a grade of First Class Honours (H1). Everything is explained very clearly and can be easily understood. It is very neatly formatted with colours, highlighted and bold text, as well as pictures. My QM1 notes are separated into the different topics so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. My notes not made solely from lecture slides. They also contain summaries of the prescribed readings, which tends to not be focused on a lot on in lectures. This is why, before the exam, I recommend reviewing the lecture slides and reading these notes to ensure you are well-prepared The SAMPLE contains 5 pages, but the actual FULL set of notes contains 10 pages. All the best with QM1!


Semester 1, 2017

10 pages

2,389 words



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