- Very useful for your Part B Exam Preparation for OB.
- Linking theories and concepts from the OB topics of Change, Communication, and Strategy and Structure to the Solaris and SuperNova Case Study

I completed MGMT20001 during 2018 so this is the most recent notes for this course.

Everything is explained very clearly and can be easily understood. It is very neatly formatted with highlighted, underlined and bold text.

The SAMPLE contains 7 pages, but the actual FULL set of notes contains 19 pages.

Also, feel free to check out my other notes for OB and other subjects!
Note that this set of notes is for the case Automakers only. I also have the following notes for OB available:
- H1 OB Sanrizz Exam Notes for 2018 - Very comprehensive
- H1 OB Enron Exam Notes for 2018 - Very comprehensive
- H1 OB Automakers Exam Notes for 2018 - Very comprehensive

All the best with OB!


Semester 1, 2018

19 pages

6,162 words



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