This is a very detailed notes of the overall PBL course which I made throughout semester 1 2017. I received a grade of First Class Honours with an overall subject mark of 97%. The notes are up to date to the current curriculum as I have made it in semester 1 2017. I really recommend that you read my notes as everything is explained very clearly and can be easily understood. It is very neatly formatted with colours, and highlighted, bold and italics text. After having done my exam, I have reviewed my notes, added a few things, and emphasised the words and phrases which I believe are a must-know for the final exam. Therefore if you are more interested in a summary than the very detailed notes, I recommend you reading all the bolded text instead as a quick but meaningful revision for the final exam. I have also made and included a section at the end just for (business law-related) definitions, to further help your understanding. My notes contain a mixture of what I have learned from lectures, the readings from the textbook and the relevant e-tutorials. I am confident that it can be of great help for the preparation of both assessable tests and the final exam. I have included a sample of 10 pages (non-consecutive) from my notes of 56 pages at the top For my cheat sheet for the final exam, see


Semester 1, 2017

56 pages

23,856 words



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