In Semester 1 2017, I received H1 (First class honours) for Principles of Business Law with mark of 97. I am selling the cheat sheet (pdf version) I used for the exam which is extremely helpful. It includes all the brief summary and the ratio decidendi of all examinable cases plus some extra notes at the end that are usually hard to remember. For the exam, you will only be allowed 1 double-sided page as a cheat sheet. This is the length of my cheat sheet. Other students included excessive and unnecessary notes in their help sheet, and so their font size in extremely small, making it very hard to find what you are looking for during the exam. On the other hand, my notes includes only the things I found to be most important and hard to remember and the text size can be reasonably read. The sample includes the last quarter of my cheat sheet.


Semester 1, 2017

2 pages

1,957 words



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