The Australian Consumer Law

Stephen G. Corones

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Consumer Protection Law in Australia

Alex Bruce

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Australian Consumer Law

Stephen G. Corones, Philip H Clarke

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Australian Consumer Law

Stephen G. Corones, Philip H Clarke

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Australian Consumer Law Commentary and Materials

Stephen Corones and Phillip Clarke

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Australian Consumer Law

Stephen G. Corones, Philip H Clarke

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Australian Consumer Law

Stephen G. Corones, Philip H Clarke

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Miller's Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated

Russell V. Miller

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Consumer Protection and Product Liability Law

Stephen G. Corones, Philip H. Clarke

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Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts Notes

Written by Madison

Deakin University MLL 217 Thorough and cohesive notes with case studies and examples throughout....

223 pages, 105996 words

MLL217 Misleading & Economic Torts Exam Notes (Full Contents Page)

Written by Brodie

Topics Include (Fully Contented - From Previous Examinable Topics) * Defamation * Defamation Defen...

128 pages, 48408 words

MLL217 - Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts T2 2018 Notes

Written by Jean-Paul

Comprehensive MLL217 notes created during T2 of 2018. These notes include all the topics covered dur...

62 pages, 20347 words

Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts Notes

Written by Cheree

T2 2018 Deakin notes including case summaries and legislative snippets. Notes are a mixture of textb...

114 pages, 63807 words


Written by Elly

Extremely neat, structured and condensed notes; includes exam answer format which is very helpful fo...

102 pages, 40254 words

HD Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts Notes

Written by Megan

These are the notes i used for my exam in which I received 87% on. It includes element tables at the...

132 pages, 28426 words

HD QUALITY NOTES **Misleading and Economic Torts (85 Mark)**

Written by Luke

EASY TO USE NOTES!! Comprehensive study notes for MLL217 - Misleading and Economic Torts. Include...

184 pages, 62994 words

MLL217 Exams Notes - 87 Mark - Includes Answer Plans

Written by Jack

These notes cover all the examinable material in MLL217. I have created these notes with a combin...

80 pages, 32042 words

Full Comprehensive Course Notes MLL217

Written by Sajda

This is a collaboration of comprehensive notes from all weeks and topics, with step-by-step guides o...

293 pages, 57482 words

HD MLL217 Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts Notes (ALL Topics) 2016

Written by Milly

I scored a HD on the exam using these notes. They comprise a comprehensive yet concise incorporat...

159 pages, 40821 words


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Excellent subject, closely linked to Contract and commercial

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Lecturer is great, although keep up with the workload as it is content heavy. The assignment was straightforward enough, however the exam was very harshly marked. I thought it was my best exam for the trimester, but turned out to be my worst. Study the previous years exams and answer guides intensely (provided to students), as I believe this is probably the reason it was so harshly marked.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

This unit was not overly difficult to follow, but was content heavy. Not easy to do very well in, as both assignment and exam harshly marked. This unit was disjointed as the lecturer was replaced

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Strongly believe that the exam was marked too harshly and that the assignment was marked too leniently. Lecturer was quite good and very engaging, yet the unit itself is quite painful. Although Sharon's notes seem quite concise, this unit is not like torts in that you cannot rely on her notes to get you through.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Very good subject. The lecturers were fantastic. Must be committed to learning the content as it is a heavy subject, but very enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Subject was easy to understand. Readings were a bit too much. But, Sharon's notes were my key to success

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Very well taught and materials were excellent.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014