Semester 2, 2018

Misleading Conduct and Economic Torts Notes

114 pages

63,807 words




T2 2018 Deakin notes including case summaries and legislative snippets. Notes are a mixture of textbook information, topic summaries and lecture material.

Topics covered:

Topics 1 & 2: Defamation and Defences
Topic 3: Other CL torts regulating false or misleading statements
Topic 4: Key concepts underpinning ACL
Topic 5: The prohibition on misleading or deceptive conduct
Topic 6: Conduct which may be misleading or deceptive
Topic 7: Advertising
Topic 8: Specific provisions on false or misleading representations
Topic 9: Remedies for a contravention of the ACL
Topic 10: Liability for manufacturers for goods with safety defects
Topic 11: Other torts protecting economic interests