MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

Monica Keneley

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MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

Dr Annette Nguyen and Dr John Guo

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MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

Dr Annette Neuen and Dr John Guo

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MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

Besley, Brigham

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MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance

Dr Annette Nguyen, Dr John Guo

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Written by Tara

What if Finance Legal Forms of Business Organisations Time Value of Money Multiple Cash Flow Fin...

45 pages, 9227 words

Finance Notes

Written by Liam

Finance Notes and Revision Help Topic List: Topic 1 - Introduction to Finance Topic 2 - Financial...

41 pages, 3564 words

HD Quality Notes

Written by Maddy

Full notes for Finance, I received a High Distinction in this unit with these notes!

74 pages, 15933 words


Written by Nicholas

These are comprehensive notes of all chapters in MAF101. They will permit you to understand the conc...

34 pages, 11000 words

MAF101 Finance *97% Exam Score* HD Study Notes

Written by James

Hi there! Are you chasing that elusive HD? These notes should propel you there! I was new to Finance...

43 pages, 10900 words

Lecture revision notes for Fundamentals of Finance

Written by Juhi

Detailed, concise and easy to understand with formulas and complete theory for the unit.

36 pages, 14961 words

FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCE Exam Revision Notes Examples

Written by Jordan

Used for extra exam revision, lots of examples explaining how to perform problems.

17 pages, 1318 words

Fundamentals of Finance Revision

Written by Abby

In depth information about each topic with diagrams.

24 pages, 5617 words

High Distinction Finance Notes

Written by Lochie

Up to date and feasy-to-follow finance notes notes. Covers topic 1, 3-7.

15 pages, 4159 words

Entire Chapter Summary Set (including important content from lecture notes, textbook & other vital resources) - MAF101 Content simplified & structured

Written by Laura

In my comprehensive set of notes I have summarised the entire unit’s content in a simplified manner...

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A great introduction to the world of Finance.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

The phrases used in the textbook were more American, and did not correlate to the phrases being used in lectures and tutorials. I honestly didn't open the textbook after the first time I tried to read it. The disconnect was too much. Managed a Distinction in the subject regardless.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

A very easy Subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Very useful and interesting

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

Fantastic subject. It is applicable to real life situations and provides encouragement to invest in the future.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

What has the potential to be a very good unit was very poorly managed. Outdated materials and slides and slow responses, if any, provided to queries by online students.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

An interesting units gives you the basic knowledge of the finance world.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015