Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

Passer, Michael

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Psychology AUST

Michael W. Passer, Passer and Smith, Ronald Edward Smith

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MICHAEL W. PASSER, Passer et al

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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

Passer, Michael

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MICHAEL W. PASSER, Passer et al

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MICHAEL W. PASSER, Passer et al

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Writing for Psychology with Infotrac

O'Shea , Robert et al

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Psychology AUST

Michael W. Passer, Passer and Smith, Ronald Edward Smith

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How to Think Straight about Psychology

Keith E. Stanovich

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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour

Passer, Michael

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PSYC1101 Final Exam Study Notes

Written by Sheridan

Topics Include: - The Science of Psychology - Studying Behaviour Scientifically - Genes, Environm...

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PSYC1101 Psychology: Mind and Brain Condensed Study Notes

Written by Sarah

Comprehensive summary of content of PSYC1101 Psychology, Mind and Brain, by topic

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PSYC1101 Exam Notes

Written by Nadia

These PSYC1101 notes are a compilation of all the necessary information you need to know from the te...

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PSYC1101 typed notes

Written by Charlotte

My exam mark was higher than 84%; my lab report mark brought it down to 84%. WORD COUNT is just a gu...

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UWA Psychology Notes

Written by Jake

A comprehensive set of PSYC1101 notes that has been structured to help understand the course content...

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Psychology: Mind and Brain - Exam Notes

Written by Ruchira

These notes are perfect for brushing up on your exam study. These are not comprehensive notes that c...

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PSYC1101 Notes for Exam Revision

Written by Ellie

Notes for PSYC1101 exam revision, which include material from lectures, the textbook and labs. Organ...

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Easy unit, and enjoyable at the same time. The lecturers were fun and interesting, same with the labs. They don't run every week, but every time I had a lab, I was enthusiastic to attend. The amount of participation marks, are also a plus, makes this unit easy to pass and get a good mark in. All in all, I would highly recommend this unit as a broadening unit, even though I did it as a core unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Decent unit. There's lots of easy ways to get marks e.g. research participation and attempting the quizzes. Don't underestimate the Lab Report.. It's quite difficult so make sure you dedicate enough time to it. The exam was pretty good, half the room finished early and most of the questions are taken directly from the online quizzes so just use those to revise. The Tutes only hold every other week but are pretty boring so just prepare yourself for that.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

My favourite unit so far! Lecturers were interesting and easy to listen to (which made the content easier to remember). Easy marks through weekly quizzes and participation. Recommend using the online quizzes to study for the exam

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Easy content. Tutes didn't always correlate with examinable content which was annoying and felt like a waste of time.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very fun unit and I think even if you didn't do psychology in high school this would be fairly easy. Majority of the final exam consists of questions from the weekly quizzes. I guess the most challenging thing would be the lab report, but if you put in a decent amount of effort it's hard to fail this unit. I found the lectures interesting, but the tutorials were a bit useless in my opinion.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

A pretty easy unit if you did Psychology in high school. Easy marks from the weekly quizzes and lab participation. The lab report was very well explained but was still a bit challenging.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Overall a simple unit and pretty easy if you want to do it as a broadening unit. If you did psychology in high school you will find a lot of the material overlaps, and its basically just a refresher course. The quizzes are worth 5% or 6% of your grade and are super easy, you could legit only get one question right on the quiz but will still get full credit for it. The experiments aren't as much as a hassle as you would imagine, if you get in early and don't leave them all until the final weeks you can participate in some super interesting ones, but alas it is only worth 5/6%. Lectures are interesting, but labs can be a bit repetitive - some of them were handy, others were a waste of time. Despite that I really enjoyed the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

It's a pretty basic and interesting unit to take for first semester. I don't think its necessary to go to all of the lectures as a lot of it is well covered in lecture slides as well as in the textbooks. There are a few topics which it will however be best to go into the lecture as it is more the lecturer talking and you writing notes. The quizzes are super super easy marks as you can get 1/10 and get 100% for the mark anyways but the lab report was a little difficult as not heaps of information is provided

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

such an easy and interesting unit. the exam was so easy and was 75% from the quizzes. the experiments we had to do to get credits were quite fun and I actually made some money out of it. the lecturers are kinda funny and explain everything so well but i gave up after a month and didnt watch a single lecture. you only need to learn the book to get an hd. the report was a bit annoying because i had no idea what to do and the marking was harsh. but overall it's a good elective.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Great and easy unit to do! If you did Psychology in HS, this is basically a refresher course, the different lecturers you get after every topic keeps it fun and interesting. Labs are sometimes boring but they are useful as you get more hands on type experience. Assessments are easy but will have to keep up with the weekly readings to achieve the grades you desire!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017