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I'm a UWA student studying Science.


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I was a psychology major, and I understand the challenges that follow from the assignments and exams in those units. As such, a large proportion of my time during undergrad was spent figuring out general strategies to efficiently navigate the assignments and exams. I hope to pass these tips on to a psych major, or more broadly, anyone who requires assistance with psych units. As a tutor, I appreciate if my students strive for improvement, rather than perfection, for it is the process of bettering oneself that makes it fruitful. If this resonates with you, feel free to send me a message :-) I teach in a manner that is patient, structured and logical – and I believe that understanding the content makes studying more efficient. I can assist with general psych unit content (preferably in the context of exam preparation), lab reports, essays, and those statistics units listed on the side. For more complex assignments, please provide sufficient time between our sessions and the submission date to ensure that relevant feedback can be applied to your assignment before submission. This makes it less stressful for me and you, and ensures that you get your money's worth :-) I am available on campus and online, and I strive to return your drafts ideally in a day's time.