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Maths and Stats aren’t the easiest subjects to get through, and if you’re coming into a compulsory maths/stats unit without much of a maths background it could look very well look like you’re trying to learn a foreign language. The fact that it all builds on earlier topics covered means by a couple of weeks in, you could be feeling left quite behind very quickly.

The good news is that by working through it step by step and building on the fundamentals, what was once very intimidating now doesn’t seem that difficult at all!

As a tutor, I help busy students study more effectively and get on top of their unit material quicker. For the past 4 years I’ve been tutoring a very wide range of students and professionals in mathematics and statistics. A recent focus of my tutoring has been on helping undergraduate and postgrad students in biostatistics, mostly for public health units. In addition to that and the standard undergrad maths/stats subjects (psych stats, calculus, linear algebra etc.) I’ve also tutored a number of people looking to sit the GMAT exam to get into business school and students sitting the defence force entrance exam.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree with an extended major in mathematics from the University of Queensland (with two semesters undertaken cross institutionally at UWA). During my time studying some difficult units, I found summarising my notes with flow charts and breaking problems down into small steps helped greatly and I’ve found that helping students with this technique really translates well with tutoring. It helps students greatly in understanding the fundamentals of the material and accelerates the progress, cutting back on the frustrating hours being spent trying to learn it solo.

My main strength as a tutor lies in the fact that I’m very patient with students and I can explain the concepts from different angles until it sinks in. I’m a problem solver that likes to break down a concept and explain it as simply as possible.

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact me. I usually tutor at Curtin or Murdoch or somewhere nearby and charge $50/hr for uni level material (am more than happy to do a bundled price for multiple pre-paid sessions as well). I’m pretty flexible with places/times and I have also provided feedback/proofread work for those studying overseas or interstate so am able to do some basic online tutoring too! I look forward to helping you in maths/stats! With a unique and individual plan for learning, working on the things you need to cover most, you can best prepare for exams and get through assignments as stress free as possible!




Jon helped get me through stat1520 at short notice. Super knowledgable dude. Good intuitive way of breaking down information to help you remember it. Recommended.

Rory, StudentVIP member
since November, 2017


Jon tutored me in stats for a semester, I've had tutors before and I've found Jon to be by far the best tutor I've had. I would say the best quality is Jon prepares notes on each weeks material and walks you through the processes involved. This helps give better understanding of the fundamentals of the material. The other thing that makes Jon a great tutor is he doesn't look at his phone while you work through a question. He watches you process and gives advice after completion. I've had tutors that look at their phones while working a problem and there is a disconnect, obviously.
I highflying recommend Jon for your tutoring needs.

Peter, StudentVIP member
since February, 2016