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HD NEUR3005 Complete Notes + BONUS Summary Tables

Written by Jonathan

A comprehensive succinct summary of all the lecture content with prac notes integrated. If you can't...

112 pages, 12657 words


Written by Sunny

WHAT THESE NOTES INCLUDE: - Detailed and concise notes of ALL theory lectures, practical tutorials...

104 pages, 21931 words

HD (89) NEUR3005/3905 Functional Neuroanatomy Notes

Written by Holly

These notes allowed me to obtain a mark of 89 (High Distinction) in Functional Neuroanatomy (Advance...

140 pages, 38736 words

HD (92) NEUR3005/3905 Notes

Written by Katharine

Extensive, detailed notes covering all lecture content, supplemented with relevant material in Nolte...

169 pages, 22569 words

Detailed NEUR3005/3905 Course Notes with Brain Imaging Video notes, Prac Video notes and Summarised Textbook Information included

Written by Ben

Included in package: - Full lecture notes - Brain Imaging Video notes - Prac Video Notes - Addit...

67 pages, 23702 words

HD Level Summary of NEUR3005

Written by Victor

These notes are above HD level summaries for NEUR3005. They cover everything related to the lectures...

133 pages, 23054 words

NEUR3005 TUTORIAL 3 NOTES - (functional anatomy)

Written by Reem

TUTORIAL 3 These are a series of comprehensive notes sourced from the tutorials as well as the pre...

9 pages, 839 words

NEUR3005 TUTORIAL 1 NOTES - (functional anatomy)

Written by Reem

TUTORIAL 1 These are a series of comprehensive notes sourced from the tutorials as well as the pre...

10 pages, 1396 words

Complete Summary NEUR3005

Written by Shona

These notes are a complete summary of - all lecture content including learning outcomes - over...

106 pages, 30663 words

Functional Neuroanatomy (NEUR3005) HD Notes

Written by Afsah

HD NOTES - Includes lecture notes with detailed explanations of the lecturer's slides as well as any...

137 pages, 30000 words


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