Included in package:
- Full lecture notes
- Brain Imaging Video notes
- Prac Video Notes
- Additional textbook information

Lecture List:
Lecture 1: Brain Development
Lecture 2: Blood Brain Barrier
Lecture 3: Olfaction
Lecture 4: Gustation
Lecture 5: Vision
Lecture 6: Audition
Lecture 7: Vestibular System
Lecture 8: Proprioception
Lecture 9: Somatosensory Pathways
Lecture 10: Nociception
Lecture 11: Visual Integration
Lecture 12: Multimodal Integration
Lecture 13: Motor Neurons
Lecture 14: Autonomic Nervous System
Lecture 15: Motor Pathways and Cortex
Lecture 16: Memory
Lecture 17: Cerebellum
Lecture 18: Basal Ganglia
Lecture 19: Hypothalamus - Fight or flight
Lecture 20: Hypothalamus - Feeding and drinking behaviours
Lecture 21: Hypothalamus - Sex
Lecture 22: Sleep
Lecture 23: Fear
Lecture 24: Pain
Lecture 25: Neurodegeneration

These notes provide an exceptionally clear and comprehensive overview of the theory content for the notoriously difficult NEUR3005/3905 course. Textbook information is integrated with lecture material to provide detailed explanations for every topic, with key images and diagrams spread throughout to support the written material and clarify challenging concepts.

Extra information about cerebellar pathways and olfaction is included, along with full notes for the Prac Video series and Brain Imaging Videos, which form part of the assessable content for the course.

These notes contain all the information necessary to ace the final exam and provide sufficient detail for further study in neuroscience. I regularly refer back to these notes in my current medical studies.


Semester 1, 2017

67 pages

23,702 words



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