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Bismillah, Hello, Happy to help I like teaching my students: - How to answer questions - General and specific study techniques for the subject - Things that have helped me study for the subject - Common traps and mistakes to look out for - Content itself including content ahead of schedule if requested. I teach subjects that I have personally performed well in and/or I believe I can teach well. I have also completed subjects *ahead of my year level* and performed well including: - DI in MEDS2005: Human Anatomy and Histology (when in 1st year) - DI in MEDS2004: Microbes, Infection and Immunity (when in 1st year) - DI in PCOL3922: Neuropharmacology (Advanced) (when in 2nd year) Please note that I cannot complete any assessments for you including essays or reports. If you would like help regarding these, please ask me about the content that is related to them in your lectures or tutorials etc. Group sessions: $40/person in group. I conduct the lessons online. Feel free to get in touch.


English, Bangla, Hindi/Urdu


She is a well mannered girl. She is calm, collected and organised. She always prepares beforehand to teach. She keeps notes for the subject and gives students if they need it.

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since December, 2022

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