Semester 1, 2018

HD NEUR3005 Complete Notes + BONUS Summary Tables

112 pages

12,657 words




A comprehensive succinct summary of all the lecture content with prac notes integrated. If you can't be bothered attending the lectures or feel too stressed to digest all the lecture slides, these notes are just for you!

BONUS learning summary table of the cranial nerves (really helpful for mid-semester prac exam and final exams!!)

Topic List:
§ CNS development
§ Blood Supply
§ Olfactory System
§ Gustatory System
§ Auditory System
§ Visual System
§ Vestibular System
§ Proprioception
§ Cranial Nerve Nuclei
§ Motor and Sensory Systems
§ Basal Ganglia
§ Hypothalamus
§ Sleep, arousal
§ Amygdala
§ Pain
§ Dementia and Memory