Semester 1, 2018

HD (92) NEUR3005/3905 Notes

169 pages

22,569 words




Extensive, detailed notes covering all lecture content, supplemented with relevant material in Nolte's The Human Brain (2015) textbook

Topics covered:
- Development of brain and CNS
- Blood supply, meninges, ventricles, BBB
- Chemical senses (olfaction, gustation)
- Vision and audition
- Subconscious senses (vestibular, proprioception)
- Physical feelings (discriminative touch, nociception)
- Multimodal integration (at brainstem and cortical levels)
- Reflexes and movement (motor neurons, spinal cord, brainstem nuclei)
- Automatic nervous system
- Voluntary movements (cortex, cerebellum, basal ganglia)
- Motivated behaviours (hypothalamus, fight/flight response, sex, feeding, arousal, emotion/fear, pain)
- Memory and brain ageing (memory and dementias)