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Detailed Law in the Global Context Notes

Written by Gina

Detailed notes on following topics: 1. International Law and Its Sources 2. Customary Internationa...

142 pages, 54365 words

DISTINCTION LAWS2270/JURD7270 Law in the Global Context Notes (77)

Written by May

I completed LAWS2270 in 2017 and got 77. This complete set of notes includes all the essential conce...

172 pages, 113703 words


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I found Law in the Global Context to be taught in quite a heavy-handed way. Following the transition to trimesters, I found that a course which merges public international law with private international law to teach both in quite a heavy-handed way. There simply isn't enough time to canvass the course in enough particularity to arm students with enough knowledge to take to other international law-related electives. I find this course also fails to stimulate students' interest in pursuing international law for further study. Having said that, I did find the course quite easy to perform in, having received a High Distinction mark with minimal readings completed.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019