Hi, I'm Pranaav!

I'm a UNSW student studying Law.


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Started uni
- WAM at Graduation from UNSW: 84.2%
- Clerked at Top Tier British (Magic Circle) Law Firms
- Legal Academic Pursuing a Career in Academia (Currently deciding on whether to accept a postgraduate offer at Oxford or LSE in the UK - stay posted! :)

- UNSW Academic Excellence Student Scholarship
- Illa Gervais Prize in Property Law (Top Student out of 473)
- Stow Prize of Academic Excellence (Overall Academic
- Dean's List of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement (Babson College)
- Top Scoring Research Dissertation (Business Associations, 2017)
- Top Scoring Policy Paper (Cartel and Anti-Trust Law, 2018)

- Been Tutoring Since 2014
- I have over 29 students I meet with on a weekly basis (47
on a monthly basis)
- 85% of my students stay with me for more than 1 year
- I can also provide editing services to look at and make detailed comments at practice exam answers looking at whether you have missed any issues; have inadequately discussed any issues; need to further discuss an argument; are not applying the law correctly; other miscellaneous exam technique pointers.

I am an International Student who was born in the Philippines, grew up in Hong Kong, has lived in Singapore, Guangzhou Adelaide, Boston - have an American accent and a British passport - but is ethnically Indian. As a result, I have worked with a range of different people across many different people, and am open to helping out with an organised and regimented path to success.

I have been the recipient of an Academic Scholarship after coming first in my class in Property Law, and second in my class in Public Law. I am also the recipient of the Stow Prize from the Board of Examiners for Academic Excellence. Having completed law school with a High Distinction average, I would love to be of service to anyone else who I may help.

My main goal is to help you stand on your own two feet. I want to teach you the methods I used to study smart, write better and more concisely and think like a lawyer.




Pranaav has been tutoring me since 2015! I've had 3 tutors before, and I was really skeptical that he'd be any different.

My parents insisted I get a tutor because I was failing Criminal (on my second attempt) and I just felt like dropping out of law school. I contacted Pranav in September with only 7 weeks to go till exams.

The dude was amazing. He taught me so many tricks to ace an exam. It turns out that I was actually working hard enough, just not smart enough. I didn't know how to IRAC like he did. He drilled me everyday in technique. I finished crim with a 76 even though I thought I'd fail it.

He's been tutoring me ever since. Im now on my last semester of law school, and Im proud to say I have a 78 WAM.

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since December, 2018

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