Comphrensive and well-organised notes covering all topics in the course, table of contents included. Received a HD mark in 2022 T2. Notes compiled from lecture slides, readings and in-class content. Topics: - International law and globalisation - International law and its sources - Customary international law and the Freedom and Justice Party case - Relationship between international and Australian law - COVID-19 and cruise ships: introducing the law of the sea and navigational rights - COVID-19 and cruise ships: international organisations, the IMO and the WHO - COVID-19 and cruise ships: international dispute settlement and national court decisions - Legal research and writing component - Julian Assange: introduction to comparative law and extradition - Julian Assange: possible extradition to Sweden - Julian Assange: Ecuadorian Embassy - Julian Assange: possible extradition to the US and diplomatic protection - Introduction to private international law - Castel v TCL: CISG and Australian court litigation - Castel v TCL: arbitration (law, policy and international dimensions) - Castel v TCL: enforcement of arbitral awards in Australian and abroad - International child abduction: the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction - International child abduction: the Garning/Garrett v Vincenti litigation - International child abduction: interaction of treaty regimes


Term 2, 2022

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