The Criminal Trial

Jill Hunter, Terese Henning

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Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers

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The Criminal Trial

Jill Hunter, Terese Henning

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Evidence Law - but structured ;) FINAL MARK: 81

Written by Hannah

Did really well in the exam and CP marks - given that I couldn't have gotten those marks from my emb...

48 pages, 32000 words


Written by Emily

These comprehensive notes were the only thing I walked into the exam with. Not only summarises AL...

34 pages, 12507 words

2018 Court Process, Evidence and Process Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive class notes from reading guide. Includes statute and cases.

162 pages, 75626 words

Clear, concise Distinction Evidence Notes with STEPS

Written by Annabel

These notes break-down and simplify all relevant content into very manageable steps that are easy to...

44 pages, 30000 words

JURD7251/LAWS2351 Court Process, Evidence and Proof Notes (84)

Written by Ke

This course is hard but this notes can make your life much easier. First, this is a good combination...

74 pages, 53387 words

JURD7251 Court Process, Evidence and Proof - Entire Course - High Distinction Quality Notes

Written by Adriana

These are the perfect Court Process, Evidence and Proof (LAWS2351) notes. I have summarised the e...

104 pages, 49592 words

JURD7251 [HIGH DISTINCTION] - THEORY NOTES - Complete summary of entire course theory

Written by Isobel

I have summarised and simplified the entire course content by combining important information from l...

188 pages, 94118 words

JURD7251 [HIGH DISTINCTION] - ANSWER GUIDE, CHEAT SHEET - Complete summary of course content

Written by Isobel

CHEAT SHEET: COPY + PASTE complete content into exam answers! EXAM ANSWER GUIDE + step-by-step...

85 pages, 36930 words

Court Process, Evidence and Proof - HD Complete Notes

Written by Tom

Complete colour-coded JURD7251 notes with everything essential for the court observation and exam.

117 pages, 29000 words

Court Process & evidence Notes

Written by Natalie

Came 6th in the course - great notes.

32683 pages, 99 words


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Hard, but if you persevere you will get a good mark.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018