A comprehensive set of CPEP notes that are COLOUR-CODED, CONCISE and DETAILED. I used these notes to receive a mark of 82 in TRIMESTER 2 2019. These notes are updated for the trimester system and include - ALL the latest cases and legislative provisions and authorities summarised - Tailored to problem question style exam - Clear and neat layout for efficiency during the exam - Colour-coded for ease of use - Flowcharts These notes have been formulated with the problem style exam in mind and are perfect to flick through during the exams. The notes include a quick “pathway” of legislative provisions to be applied during the exam—making the application to problem questions extremely easy and straightforward. There detailed outline of the relevant cases and how they specifically apply to the legislative provisions—perfect for the exam. Notes include ALL relevant legislative provisions and ALL cases. The notes have been structured to follow the weekly reading guide which will also make class participation easy. They also include flow-charts and a “big picture” diagram of how everything fits together—excellent to gain a stronger conceptual understanding of the course (which can be very confusing at times!)


Term 2, 2019

68 pages

32,868 words



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