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Full set of HD Crime and Criminal Process Notes

Within the Zip Folder are the following topics: Pre-Mid Term assignment * week 1, Normative Theori...

153 pages, 55441 words

HD - VERY DETAILED Crime and criminal process note

The most detailed note available covers all topics in CCP. Contains colourful and highlighted imp...

440 pages, 50000 words

CCP (LAW 1021 JURD 7121) HD Final Exam Notes

- covers all the final exam contents (includes AC, MR, attempt, template for He Kaw Teh, substantial...

30 pages, 10230 words

Crime and the Criminal Process EXAM NOTES - OFFENCES & POLICY

Condensed notes for use in the problem (offences) and the policy sections of the CCP exam. These...

34 pages, 11256 words

Crime and the Criminal Process Notes (UG and JD) - HD notes

These notes were written by a student who achieved a mark of '86' in the course and won the Juris Do...

29 pages, 9052 words

HD exam notes for ccp

-clear highlight -quick and easy identification -what you need in the exam is to add limited factu...

18 pages, 5975 words

HD/ Dean's List: Crime and The Criminal Process Complete Notes

Helped me get Dean's List 2016 for the Subject. Colour coded (cases, theory and legislation)and tabu...

132 pages, 5000 words



18 pages, 12466 words

Crime and Criminal Process

Legislation, class and textbook notes

37 pages, 20000 words

BEST Final Exam Notes for CCP

I bet this is one of the best notes available on the market. All are my original work and got an HD...

15 pages, 8126 words


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LAW AND ARTS TUTOR | HISTORY OF GOOD REVIEWS (see below) | ✅ HD and D recipient | Hey! I'm Janel...


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I didn't love this subject but most of my friends did. There is a court observation component which requires 15 hours over the course of the term, which imo was the best part of the course. The readings were manageable, the assignments were manageable. I just didn't love the content of the subject as it was mainly criminology and a lot of theory and statistics. Criminal Laws was a more interesting subject because you get to look at the elements of particular crimes.

Anonymous, Term 1, 2023

Excellent subject and great introduction to the criminal law. Provides context to the potentially boring black letter law which is adequately included. Also includes useful legal concepts for first year students

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016