These notes were written by a student who achieved a mark of '86' in the course and won the Juris Doctor Medal. They are comprehensive, written in bullet point form, and clearly indexed by topic. They include summaries of the relevant cases in catchword form (clearly articulating the principle that each case stands for). When the author took this course the textbook was: A Steel, A Loughnan, L McNamara, M Grewcock, D Brown, D Farrier, J Quilter, M Schwartz and T Anthony, Criminal Laws (7th edition) The topics covered are: 1. Bail 2. Police Powers 3. Drug Offences 4. Public Order Offences 5. Offences of Association 6. Components of Criminal Offending: Actus Reus and Mens Rea 7. Theoretical Topics (including article summaries)


Term 1, 2020

29 pages

9,052 words



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