Chemistry: Human activity, chemical reactivity (2nd ed)

Peter Mahaffy

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Chemistry human activity, chemical reactivity

Peter G. Mahaffy

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Interesting content on gases, applications of quantum physics in chemistry, chemical bonding, thermodynamics, and chemical equilibria delivered in-person by knowledgeable lecturers who also take questions after lectures. The intriguing practicals are based on lecture content but the practical work is forgettable as it's never brought up again. Sometimes, your practical can take place before the lecture for that topic, which leaves you confused. Practicals are assessed via online worksheets lacking much feedback. On the other hand, weekly online practice quizzes and assessed quizzes, and tutorials, give plenty of prompt feedback. You can also take questions to tutorials and help sessions both during and after the teaching period, showing just how well this subject is run. The exam was fairly difficult but not time-pressured; this subject offers four practice exams as well as exam reviews. Sonia and her colleagues are a wonderful teaching team.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Grade: 90+. Dr Jackson is amazing. Sign up for her tutorial! Easy H1 if you actually put the work in. This meant I tried to maximise all the non exam marks, in case I stuffed up the exam. So e.g owl quizzes I tried to do well, and pracs too. Pracs had nothing to do with the lecture content which was a bit sad, and they're a bit hard, so just make sure to ask demonstrator for lots of help. OWL quizzes tended to be easier than the owl practise questions. Make sure to get down tutorial questions, since they are similar difficulty to the exam. The physics part daunted me at first (thermodynamics in weeks 1-3 and then 8-9), but a lot of the slides won't be tested (conceptual knowledge), rather, equations are what matters. Make sure you get down equations. Oh and also ILT is tested in the MCQ (not a lot, but still tested). I heard sem 1 exam was ultra hard, but the sem 2 exam was similar difficulty (just a little bit harder) than the practice exam. Good luck!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Incredibly well organised for a level 1 subject (compared to 1st year bio which is horrendous). The pracs are run very well, and the demonstators are very helpful. The WFQs are also easy to 100% if you do them carefully and prepare properly beforehand. You're given so much practice material in the form of weekly tutorial questions and 3 practice exams, which in my opinion was more than enough to score well on the exam. The only issue I had was that during the in-person tutorials, the tutors would work very slowly through the worksheet, and we'd never finish an entire worksheet, often leaving a couple of questions at the end. However, H1 is very achievable with a bit of effort.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Well run subject with a organised and well resourced faculty. However the exam was pretty weird and challenging, the practice exams do not prepare you very well for it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2023

Content was somewhat interesting, some of it was very similar to VCE Year 12 Chemistry so those lectures were pretty boring, but some of it was an extension of assumed knowledge from high school, which ranged in difficulty with some of it being good. Written practical reports were pretty easy to get a good mark on, but some were harder than others and therefore took more time to complete to a high standard. Definitely recommend listening to the demonstrators when they tell you to answer the questions you can before the practical as it spreads the workload out across a few days. The demonstrators will also help you with any difficult questions on the report so make sure you pay attention to them. Practicals themselves were hit or miss, and they go for 3 hours meaning that they take up a large space in your timetable. Tutorials were great, Sonia made them fun and they helped a lot with consolidation of knowledge, especially for the more difficult topics. The majority of the weekly feedback quizzes (WFQs) were simple as long as you did the review questions they provided and/or attended the tutorials for the content of that week as the questions given were similar. However, the downfall of this subject was the exam, worth 60% of your final mark. None of the mock exams or the WFQs prepare you for the difficulty of it. The multiple choice questions were alright and accessible to some extent, but the short answer questions were, for the most part, extremely hard, likely having an impact on final grades for the subject. Overall, this subject was decent during the semester, however, it is far from a WAM booster as a result of the exam, and can take up a decent amount of space in your timetable, so I recommend doing it only if you need it for your major/degree, or if it's needed in order to keep your options open.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

I aced VCE Chem and I guess Chem 1 was alright but it's not like what VCE Chem sets up university chemistry it to be. I did Chem 1 to keep my options open, but I ended up falling asleep in lectures (especially the organic chemistry stuff). I remember the tutorials being pretty good, and the labs were very broad and enjoyable. Someone stole my paracetamol though, which was VERY rude. The exam wasn't too bad. I think if you just remember the basics, then you can apply them to more difficult concepts.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

This subject was very well-run and interesting. I didn't even like chemistry that much in high school yet I found this subject very interesting, though some topics do require time and practice to understand. All the lecturers and professors are very concise, organized, and clear. The chemistry staff in general are very supportive and fair, they also provide many resources for you to do well. I would definitely recommend this subject, however, do note that this is a pretty heavy subject, requiring a lot more work than other science electives to do well in. The exam is also considerably harder than the weekly tutorial questions and mock exams. Make sure to do the weekly questions and stay on top of your lectures since it's really hard to catch up once you're behind.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I found this subject really interesting and the lecturers were really good at explaining the different aspects of this subject. There are a lot of help sessions and the tutors (at least the ones I had) were really helpful in trying to help you understand the core ideas of all the questions and how it can relate to other areas in chemistry. The exam is definitely more difficult than the practice materials and the quizzes we did during the semester, but I do think that some of it was very fair, however there were a lot of tough questions as well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

don’t do it unless you have to. took wayyyyyyy too much effort and didn’t improved at all the mark i ended up receiving

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

PLEASE, PLEASE do not take this subject, it absolutely destroyed my WAM, and I so regret taking it. I put more work into this subject than I put into ANY other subjects at Uni and I still ended up with an H3, which is so disappointing. The workload is definitely 2 to 3x any normal 12.5 credit subject. The exam takes the cake. It was ridiculously difficult, and nothing like the practice exam/ past exams WHATSOEVER, despite the promise that the practice exam would be of a similar difficulty to the real exam. No amount of the readings or tutorial worksheets could possibly have prepared anybody for the exam that my cohort had to write. They assessed you on irrelevant parts of the course (SOME OF WHICH WERE NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE LECTURES) instead of the crux of the subject, and even the questions that focused on the main aspects of the course were not straightforward or even remotely understandable. The exam was NOT fair. Even though I was averaging high 80s/90s throughout the semester, the exam was so difficult that my exam mark was closer to mid 50s, so please keep this in mind. The teaching of the subject is okay. The topics include gas laws, trends, isomerism, naming molecules, equilibria (ksp, ka, pka etc) and thermodynamics (entropy, enthalpy, Gibbs etc) most of which are challenging to understand/apply but do-able in most assessments (except for when they turn up beyond convoluted in the exam). Although the weekly quizzes keep you on track with studying, they are simply not a good indication for what the exam is like. Practicals are not related to lectures most of the time which is very inconvenient and there's often prep work. There isn't a lot of guidance given for HOW to write up lab reports for the practicals and marks are taken away for petty things. The lab demonstrator I had was unhelpful and didn't really answer any of my questions, and then proceeded to take away marks for getting things wrong on the report (which I wouldn't have gotten wrong if I had my doubts clarified in the first place). The person running my tutorial was terrible, he didn't go through any questions on the worksheet and didn't bother to explain them when we asked him to. Overall, this subject is terrible. Please only take this subject if you need to as a pre-req/don't mind what grade you get.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021