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Chemistry Tutor | UNSW Medicine | Experience teaching First-year university Chemistry. Hi! I'm Bryan, a Medical student at UNSW who has taken chemistry courses as my general educations. I have experience in teaching chemistry to first-year uni graduates, helping them to achieve a D or HD. One of my students even attained a score of 93 from having no prior knowledge of chemistry at all. I pride myself in helping students go from "zero to hero". If you are completely lost on a first-year chemistry course, do drop me a message and ill definitely be able to help. I am familiar with all the content as I have taught some first-year university students from UNSW/USYD and have helped many of them go from no knowledge at all to getting a High Distinction or Distinction. A lot of these students are also mature age students who have not studied in a long time but I have learnt how to teach in an easy to understand manner such that they can easily grasp challenging concepts. I achieved a HD grade in the Chemistry 1A course while doing it as a general education course on top of my medicine workload.
Although most of my students are taking chemistry courses, I also tutor medical sciences like physiology, pathology, pharmacology and anatomy.


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Bryan is the 100% the best Chemistry tutor on StudentVIP. Despite teaching me through zoom, his lessons were engaging, and he often uses creative analogies to help me remember concepts. With no background in Chemistry, it was very difficult to understand my lecturer and my previous tutor. But Bryan made mole ratio, acids and bases and chemical equilibrium questions look too easy after learning his techniques. I gained so much confidence in tackling chemistry questions after his lessons and even started to like chemistry. Definitely go with Bryan if you need a tutor for any subject, he will save your life. I am extremely grateful for your help and my HD grade.

Sarah, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


Bryan is really an incredible tutor! I was initially hesitant on zoom tutoring, but Bryan proved that he could teach as effectively through zoom as compared to face-to-face tutoring. He explains concepts super clearly and thoroughly and even taught me some tricks of how to remember certain tricky concepts. Bryan was also well prepared for lessons and always has a plan for each lesson when I don’t have questions to ask him. I would definitely recommend Bryan if you need a Chemistry tutor.

Kimberly, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


Bryan is such an amazing chemistry tutor. His explanations made it so much easier for me to grasp the concepts in chemistry and to apply them to questions effectively. I decided to engage Bryan during flex week halfway through the course as I couldn’t quite understand and follow the explanations from my previous tutor. After just 2 hours with Bryan, I felt like I’ve learnt much more from him than my previous tutor. Bryan has the ability to make challenging concepts really easy to understand which is good for students like me as most of what lecturers or other tutors say go over my head.

Vanessa, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


I just received my term 1 Chemistry results and am extremely satisfied with my HD grade! As I didn’t take chemistry in year 11 and 12, I was completely lost in university and would never have dreamt about getting even a D, let alone a HD. Bryan was such an amazing tutor as he helped build my foundation in Chemistry and ensured that I understood important concepts through interesting and engaging analogies which came in handy when I was studying and answering questions during exams. He also taught me plenty of exam techniques that I wished I could have used for my HSC if I knew earlier… (medical students are just built different -.-). If you have little to no background in chemistry, I highly recommend getting Bryan as a tutor as he is able to cut out all the noise and focus on the essentials you need to do well in a university-level chemistry course in a limited time. The biggest thing he has taught me is to study smarter, not harder.

Marcus, StudentVIP member
since April, 2021


Bryan literally carried me through my two compulsory chemistry modules. Before Bryan started teaching me, I was completely lost in class as I has no background knowledge in chemistry. He patiently taught me the basics from scratch in a clear and engaging way, coupled with tips on how to remember key information. His lessons are well structured and has plenty of interesting analogies which has helped me to better grasp challenging concepts, way better than my lecturer at university. Bryan also taught me a lot of answering techniques which has helped me to secure top marks in my exams. I would have been extremely happy with just a pass for my chemistry courses, but Bryan pushed me to a HD and I am absolutely thankful for you. Bryan is really the best tutor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for chemistry tuition.

Rachel, StudentVIP member
since December, 2020