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BSc in Chemistry (WAM:84) / MSc in Chemistry (WAM:80) / M Data Science (WAM:83) / $50/hr for comprehensive tutoring / Group tutoring also available at negotiable price / Accepting both Regular Session and One-time Session / Dean's Honours List in 2019 Hi, I'm Jin. I've completed the undergrad degree in Chemistry with a decent WAM of 84 receiving Dean's Honours List in 2019. Please see the descriptions below to understand a bit about me. CHEMISTRY: This is the area that I have the most knowledge and the most experience in tutoring. I have scored over 90 for all of the 1st year and 2nd year Chemistry subjects. I also obtained 90 for all my chemistry practical subjects throughout the course including 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and the Research Project, so report wrinting is definitely one of my strength. I do keep most of my notes, which you can refer to get some ideas for writing up your reports and finding answers for short quizzes. BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry (scored 91) is closely related to chemistry and is simple enough to understand once you comprehend the basics. Since the course requires a lot of the fundamental explanation and application, the best way to get better marks are step-by-step understanding of concept and knowing how to structure written answers with logical flow whether it is for assignment or exam. BIOLOGY I scored 97+ for 1st year’s Biology practical content. Again, I do keep some of my notes that was handed back to students which you take a copy if you wish. I also have taken all prerequisites for medical school including biochemistry, anatomy and human physiology. JAPANESE: For people who are seeking a Japanese tutor, I have taught Advanced Beginner and Intermediate classes as a Native Japanese tutor of Language Exchange Club. The classes are more conversational and interactive, so it might be helpful if you are willing to improve your communication skills. If you are seeking a help with essay-like assignments or oral presentation of your university classes, I am able to suggest alternative expressions and/or fix grammatical, mechanical and usage errors for any level of Japanese classes from 1 to 10-equivalent. I have taken JAPN20011,12,16 and 18 as my breath subjects scoring 90 on average as well. HOW I TUTOR: I have experience in tutoring Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology and Japanese as well as helping with their online tests, practical reports and assignments. This could be helping with the understanding of the contents or actually giving advices on assignment or tests. I will ensure your success in the subjects by enhancing your understanding, improving your time-management skills and providing some strategies to tackle both MCQs and long-answer questions in the exam or even in small assignments. AVAILABILITY: I am available any day unless there is clash with my timetable or work. In terms of locations, I prefer holding sessions online on Zoom or any other alternative video calls. (*In person not available since I am oversea: but when I am back at Unimelb or southeast side of Melbourne). Although tutoring sessions in every week at certain time and location is preferred, I am open to minor changes and negotiation if necessary. Jin Ayers (Ryojin)


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hello Ryojin could you help me with bcmb20002? I have my assignment written could you help me to check it?

Krista, StudentVIP member
since November, 2021


Ryojin has provided me immense help for my CHEM20020 final exam. From the weekly sessions, I learnt the chemistry concepts from basic to advance, and strengthened my understanding especially in Organic Chemistry and Symmetry. His explanation was clear and also connected different concepts together which didn’t seem related at first. This really helped me remember the key concepts and equations together rather than just memorising everything from the lecture notes. I really appreciate his help.

Eloise, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Ryojin is a great tutor for CHEM20020 who helped me get through the course with some intensive last minutes sessions. He explained the concepts from the fundamentals very well and provided me some good tips to get through the exam. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have even passed without the help, and I actually got a much much better grade than I expected, so I definitely recommend him if you are struggling with chemistry.

Marlon, StudentVIP member
since December, 2021

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