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Allan Blackman, Adam Bridgeman, Gwendolyn Laurie, Christopher Thompson, Daniel Southam, Natalie Williamson

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Chemical Principles

Steven Zumdahl

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Memorisation Sheet for Equations and Functional Groups

Written by Georgina

I created this sheet that encompasses and organises all the formulas and functional groups that need...

3 pages, 400 words

2018 S2 CHEM10003 Notes

Written by Byeongok

This is note is written throughout the semester, and covers all the details you need to know on this...

92 pages, 14947 words

Chemistry 1 2nd Half Semester Summary Notes (H1)

Written by Georgina

Creating and studying from these notes was my main method of revision for Chemistry 1 and greatly he...

14 pages, 3000 words

Chemistry 1 Half Semester Summary Notes (H1)

Written by Georgina

Creating and studying from these notes was my revision method to achieve an H1 (86%). They are a con...

22 pages, 4000 words

CHEM10003 - Chemistry 1 Notes

Written by Chris

This is a comprehensive compilation of information from CHEM10003 lectures, the textbook, Chemcal mo...

108 pages, 25200 words

CHEM10003: Chemistry 1 notes (H1: 92%) [Lectures, ILTS, Practicals, Tutorials, MSTs, Exams, Readings, Online]

Written by Julian

I got a H1 (92%) with these notes and so can you. I found the beginning of Chemistry 1 and universi...

107 pages, 21522 words

CHEM10003 - Chemistry 1 Notes (H1)

Written by Rob

I put these notes together from lecture materials, the textbook, as well as other online sources. It...

62 pages, 18476 words

Detailed CHEM10003 notes (H1 & Dean's Honours Award)

Written by Zoe

CHEM10003 notes taken from the lectures but also refined and cross checked prior to the exam. Hand d...

38 pages, 6953 words

Chemistry 1 Lecture Summaries

Written by Lachlan

Often it is hard to know what you do and don't need to know. So what I've done is made lecture by le...

19 pages, 3545 words

Chemistry 1 Glossary

Written by Dionne

Glossary of all vital terms in the subject.

4 pages, 1918 words


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Hi there, I have been tutoring first year undergraduate chemistry part-time for the last couple o...

Maria Vianney

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I am a 2nd year international Bachelor of Science student at the University of Melbourne (Chemical S...


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The lectures were fine. To get a good mark, you should proactively read the materials before and after the lecture. Some lectures will not be recorded so please try as hard as you can to attend the lecture. The content in this subject is the MOST IMPORTANT BASE for level 2 and 3 subjects if you are majoring in chemistry, chemical system.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

The lectures were fine. The thing you need to get used it the constant change of the lecturers. This could be good or bad. Good as some lecturers give the lectures that they are specialized in. However, some lecturers give lectures that they aren't. Other than that, the practicals might seem complicated on paper however, they are pretty easy if you do the readings. If you have problems there are tutors that can help you before the pracs. They are very useful. The time they give for the online quizzes are decent however, they are usually harder than then the examples given in lectures. BE SURE TO DO CHEMCAL BEFORE THE QUIZZES! They do take similar questions from the CHEMCAL. The tutorials are good depending on your tutor. The tutes can be quite boring so be sure to make friends there and you could help each other out. The exam was harder than what I anticipated for it to be. Be sure to take the previous exams as if they are the real one.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

pretty good subject, must study very hard in, must memorise heaps, but once getting into the flow of learning, is a little easier until topic changes. must really know basics well to do well. hard to do well. fun to study, interesting stuff. a few lecturers were good and keep you awake, whilst others never failed to make me fall asleep.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Loved this subject! The lectures are great at delivering content and although the difficulty of the concepts increases with time, it's possible to still do well as long as you put in the work!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Actually really enjoyed this subject. Very well organised and taught. Only thing is that it is quite content heavy so try as hard as you can to keep up... I found myself behind and it was hard to catch up in time for the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Chem 1 is surprisingly pretty easy to score! I was so worried for this subject in the beginning as I struggled in some of the topics especially Physical Chem but in the end still managed to get H1. Bear in mind that I only started working hard during Swot Vac so I couldn't even finish doing the past year papers. Just have to get your concepts right. Oh, and if possible get yourself a good tutor too :) perhaps you might want to consider attending different tutorial classes to know which tutor helps the best in your understanding.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

CHEM10003 is a nice, well-structured introduction to chemistry, but it covers a whole lot of topics fast. I have been tutoring this subject for several years. I find that students coming into this subject often don't realise just how much new stuff is being introduced and how they need to put in a lot of hours by themselves or with a tutor until quite late in the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Year 12 work extended. A lot of lectures to keep up to date but will help you with the rest of your science degree.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Subject is ok. Make the most out of those pracs, tutes can be useful depending on the tutor so if you struggle definitely make use of those times to ask questions. Chemcal is pretty useful to use before exam period as a refresher. I would recommend doing all the tutorial work/exam practice you can, that's what will get you a certain pass.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Pracs are a lot of fun but the lectures can be confusing and the content quite difficult

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016