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Cover of Engineering Your Future
Engineering Your Future 978-0-7303-1472-1

Authors: David Dowling, R. G. Hadgraft, Anna Carew, Tim McCarthy, Doug Hargreaves, Caroline Baillie

1 week ago
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AS3600 2018

Authors: Australian Standards

1 week ago
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Cover of Computer Organization and Design
Computer Organization and Design 978-0-12-407726-3

Authors: David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy

1 week ago
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Cover of Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics 978-0-470-39881-4

Authors: Bruce Roy Munson

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Mechanics of Fluids SI Version
Mechanics of Fluids SI Version 978-1-4390-6203-6

Authors: Merle Potter, David Wiggert, Bassem Ramadan

2 weeks ago
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Differential Calculus

Authors: Sandra Bitton, Jenny Henderson, Andrew Matchs and Mary Myerscough

2 weeks ago
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University Physics (Young & Freedman)

Authors: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Open Channel Hydraulics
Open Channel Hydraulics 978-0-7506-6857-6

Authors: A. Osman Akan

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Modern Engineering Mathematics
Modern Engineering Mathematics 978-1-292-08073-4

Authors: Glyn James

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 7E
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 7E 978-0-470-50197-9

Authors: Bergman, Theodore L.

2 weeks ago
$100 Save 40%
Cover of Mechanics of Materials in SI Units
Mechanics of Materials in SI Units 978-1-292-17820-2

Authors: Russell C. Hibbeler

2 weeks ago
$55 Save 27%
Cover of Engineering Mechanics Statics & Dynamics
Engineering Mechanics Statics & Dynamics 978-0-13-614225-6

Authors: Anthony Bedford, Wallace L. Fowler

2 weeks ago
$55 Save 78%
Cover of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering 978-0-470-41997-7

Authors: William D. Callister, David G. Rethwisch

2 weeks ago
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Cover of A First Course in Linear Algebra Pearson Original
$40 Save 60%
Cover of Foundations of Engineering Geology, Third Edition
$20 Save 57%
Cover of Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Mechanics 978-1-118-08345-1

Authors: James L. Meriam, L. Glenn Kraige

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Matlab
Matlab 978-0-12-405876-7

Authors: Stormy Attaway

2 weeks ago
$25 Save 62%
Cover of Engineering Computation with Matlab
Engineering Computation with Matlab 978-0-13-256870-8

Authors: David M Smith

2 weeks ago
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Cover of Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering
$25 Save 81%
Cover of A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 for Scientists and Engineers
$25 Save 67%
Cover of Calculus
Calculus 978-1-305-26672-8

Authors: Brooks/Cole, David Busch

2 weeks ago
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Cover of University Physics W/Modern Physics
University Physics W/Modern Physics 978-0-321-69686-1

Authors: Young & Freedman

2 weeks ago
$80 Save 91%

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