My personal exam notes covering all topics from this unit in simple, easy to understand terms. These notes will be useful in completing your etests as well as the final exam.

Topics covered include:

Why Research? (types of research questions, types of research, forming a reserach question using PICO)
Systematic Reviews (characteristics, hierarchy, process)
Methodology (non randomised studies, randomised studies, determining differences between groups)
Data Collection (qualitiative, quantitatie, validity)
Testing Hypotheses (definitions, null hypothesis, statistical power, variance, effect size)Non-Experimental Studies (value, types, prevalance, incidence and relative risk)
Converting Raw Scores (definitions- z scores, percentiles, confidence intervals)
Measurement Error (including systematic and random error)
Outcome Measures (validity, reliability and clinical utility)
Qualitative Research (aim, characteristics, data collection)
Naturalistic Inquiry (grounded theory, participatory action research, phenomenology, ethnography)
Q Methodology (definition, steps involved, advantages and disadvantages)
Management and Analysis of Qualitative Data (management steps, analysis, trustworthiness)
Ethics in Research (Decleration of Helsinki, informed consent)
Evidence Based Practice (process, barriers and strategies)


Semester 1, 2016

13 pages

3,613 words



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