These are my personal notes covering all of the content from this unit.
Topics include:

Counselling (definitions and key concepts)
Groups (ethics, planning, ending)
Individual Counselling
Counselling Skills (empathy, probing, summarising, challenging, advanced empathy, immediacy)
Facilitating Change
Reluctance and resistance
Transference and Counter transference
Therapeutic use of self
Cognitive Behavioural therapy (framework, cognitive distortions, core beliefs)
Major Theoretical Perspectives (including person centred, existential, behavioural, psycho-dynamic, solution focused, systems approach, narrative therapy)
Grief and Loss (including assessment and intervention)
Children and Adolescents
Couples Counselling
Family Therapy
Crisis Counselling (including the double ABC-X model, and the seven stages of crisis counselling)
Managing Risk (including suicide risk assessment)


Semester 1, 2017

28 pages

7,357 words



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