EASY TO USE NOTES!! Comprehensive study notes for MLL217 - Misleading and Economic Torts. Includes in depth summary notes, detailed case summaries and explanations of the law. Great exam revision and will save time reading long case summaries. I received an 85 for this subject with a heavy reliance on these notes. Topics include: Topic 1: Defamation Topic 2: Defences to defamation Topic 3: Other common law torts regulating false and misleading statements Topic 4: Key concepts of the Australian Consumer Law Topic 5: The nature of misleading conduct Topic 6: Conduct which might be misleading or deceptive Topic 7: Advertising Topic 8: False or misleading representations Topic 9: Remedies available for a contravention of the ACL Topic 10: Manufacturer's liability for failure to comply with consumer guarantees Topic 11: Liability of manufacturers for goods with a safety defect Topic 12: Recovery in negligence for economic loss


Semester 2, 2015

184 pages

62,994 words



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