Comprehensive study notes on the property law. Includes in depth case summary notes, and explanations of the law. Very easy to navigate and find your answer in an exam situation. Saves time reading the textbook also.

I received an 83 for the subject with a heavy reliance on these notes.

These notes will definitely help slog through a content heavy subject.
Topic 1: The concept of Property
Topic 2: Personal Property, Possession and the Doctrine of Fixtures
Topic 3: Adverse Possession
Topic 4 and 5: The Doctrine of Tenure and Native Title
Topic 6: The Doctrine of Estates
Topic 7: Leasehold Estates
Topic 8: Equitable Proprietary Interests
Topic 9: Easements
Topic 10: Restrictive Covenants
Topic 11: Mortgages


Semester 1, 2016

258 pages

124,538 words



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