These LAW00520 notes are short & sweet to help with revise for your exam.

The topics have been condensed even further and summarised so you can try & remember the important parts of the theories & theorists for the exam

Describe the main elements of classical common law theory
Describe the critical legal studies movement
What are the concerns of critical race theory?
What are the main ethical approaches underpinning the anglo-australian legal system?
Outline the main feminist legal theories
Describe the law & economics movement & its theorists
Briefly describe the main features & limitations of liberalism
Outline the main lineaments of the marxist legal theory
Identify, describe & evaluate the main classical & contemporary natural law theories
What are the main concerns & perspectives of postmodern jurisprudence?
Describe and evaluate legal positivism & identify its main theorists & theories
Identify the main concerns of sociological, historical and anthropological jurisprudence


Semester 1, 2015

27 pages

9,067 words



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