Very comprehensive summary of the entire unit - its like you are reading the summary of both the study guide and the readings

Normally I do a table of contents for my notes but I cannot find it for this one so I am selling the notes without it (it would take me too long to do it again)

My notes are colour code referenced as per my other notes
Green - legislation
Red - reference to the study guide
Pink - reference to the power point presentations
Yellow - reference to the activities or impt information
Grey - cases
Blue - reference to the textbook

This was a very intensive subject with ALOT of readings & activities. This will help cut your study time considerably

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Dichotomies of the Australian Criminal Justice System
The Key Stakeholders in the Australian Criminal Justice System
Criminal Process I: Investigation
Criminal Process II: Pre-trial
Criminal Process III: The Trial – The Determination of Guilt Phase
Criminal Process IV: The Trial – the Sentencing Phase
Criminal Process V: Post Trial Issues
Indigenous Australians & the CJS
Children & the Criminal Justice System


Semester 1, 2013

122 pages

51,773 words



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