I had split these notes into 2 PARTS, because StudentVIP couldn't take it! This is part 2

These are the notes I personally wrote out each week after a lecture was given. I have scanned all the pages and made it into 1 PDF.

The notes include pictures from the lecture/textbook alongside the text to further help understand the concepts better. Took me hours upon hours to perfect the formatting into the way I wanted it to, and it's made it into the high quality notes that you see here.

Hope these are as much of help to you as they were to me!

Contents of THIS PART include:
- Sex Determination and Sex Chromosomes
- Changes in Chromosome Number and Structure
- Extranuclear Inheritance
- Mutations and DNA Repair
- Regulations of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes
- Regulations of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes
- Quantitative Genetics

Contents of PART I include:
- Introduction
- Mitosis and Meiosis
- Mendelian Genetics
- Extensions in Mendelian Genetics
- Population Genetics
- Chi Square Analysis of Data
- Gene Linkage and Mapping


Semester 1, 2014

59 pages

15,890 words



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