These are the notes I personally typed out each week after a lecture was given. I have merged all of the separate PDF's into 1, which includes all lectures, plus exam revision questions & answers of what we got in our last revision lecture.

The notes include pictures from the lecture/textbook alongside the text to further help understand the concepts better. Took me hours upon hours to perfect the formatting into the way I wanted it to, and it's made it into the high quality notes that you see here.

Hope these are as much of help to you as they were to me!

Contents of notes include:
- Fundamentals of Human Immunology
- Innate Immunity (intro)
- Adaptive Immunity (intro)
- The Thymus
- Th Cell Diversity
- Cytokines and Immune Homeostasis
- Antigen Presentation and Antigen Receptor T-Cells
- B-cells
- Innate Immunity
- Mucosal Immunity
- Epithelial Immunity - The Airways
- Cancer and Immunity
- Cancer Immunotherapy
- Vaccination
- T- and B-Cell Maturation Revision (Vaccination and Monoclonal Antibodies)

With the help of these notes, I almost got 100% in my final exam and quizzes.


Semester 2, 2015

186 pages

37,685 words



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