I write notes for every lecture of the semester. I write them so I can refer to them at any point in the semester and immediately have the material refreshed in full detail. My notes should complement lecture slides and readings. I only write text notes, because visual aids can be found in these other subject resources.

My PSYC20006 notes come as bullet points and with bold subheadings to differentiate topics. Each lecture has its own heading and date. I expect my notes to be at the quality of a paid notetaker.

For PSYC20006, I only got an H3 in the lab report, but got an H2A overall. This means I did very well on the exam, which is the result of these extensive notes. Therefore, if you use these notes and work very hard on the lab report, you should achieve an H1.

Under $2 a lecture... Get ahead this semester :D


Semester 1, 2015

34 pages

15,171 words



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