Scaffolded notes for the final USYD Corporations Law exam covering all topics! Would also be useful for guiding study during the semester. I'm charging a little more than usual for these notes because they took a long time and are very comprehensive, but also straight to the point and useful for exams. All references to the Act are accurate at time of posting. All the best with Corps Law! STRUCTURE Part One: Company Conduct * What is a company? Proprietary v public * How is a company created? * How does a company make a binding decision? * Directors' meetings * Members' meetings (separate tables for whether you are dealing with a proprietary or public company) * Appointing and removing directors * Fundraising * Class rights * Corporate contracting * Liability of the company (tort and criminal) * Piercing the corporate veil * Insolvency * Dividends * Directors' Duties (duty of care and diligence, loyalty and good faith with 'no conflict' rule, statutory disclosure requirements, related party transactions, 'no profits' rule, s 182 and 183, duty to prevent insolvent trading) Part Two: Members' Remedies * Minority oppression * Statutory derivative action * Enforcing the constitution * Just and equitable winding up Appendix: Summary of Consequences of Breach


Semester 2, 2023

42 pages

17,424 words


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