Concise but detailed notes for Law of Contracts II containing all weeks of content. This condensed and clear format is perfect to take into the final exam. Ratios of each case are extrapolated and cited for almost all information given so that all responses will be backed by evidence, boosting your marks. Full case summaries are available separately or to be bundled for a discount. Search "LAWS1702 Law of Contracts II Exam Notes and Case Summaries". Topics include: - Discharge by performance - Repudiation - Breach - Express or implied essentiality - Election - Termination - Specific performance - Injunctions - Equitable Damages - Theory of Damages - Assessment of Damages - Limits on Damages - Complications in Assessment - Penalties - Recission - Vitiating Factors - Misrepresentation - Misleading or Deceptive Conduct - Duress - Undue Imfluence - Unconscionable Dealing - Statutory Unconscionability - Third Party Impropriety


Semester 2, 2023

28 pages

5,559 words


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