Concise but detailed notes for Law of Contracts I containing all weeks of content. This condensed and clear format is perfect to take into the final exam. Ratios of each case are extrapolated and cited for almost all information given so that all responses will be backed by evidence, boosting your marks. Case summaries provided for all required pre-readings. Facts are expressed simply but with all information provided to ensure it is easy to understand. Full case summaries and notes are also available to be purchased individually. Search "LAWS1701 Law of Contracts I Exam Notes" or "LAWS1701 Law of Contracts I Case Summaries". Topics include: - Consideration - Formalities - Part Performance - Equitable Estoppel - Remedy for Estoppel - Express Terms - Incorporating Terms - Implied Terms - Sale of Goods Act - Australian Consumer Law - Exception Clauses - Unfair Contract Terms


Semester 1, 2023

100 pages

27,657 words


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