- These notes cover every examinable topic for the subject ‘International Refugee Law and Practice’ and will assist you with both the research assignment and final take home exam. - Notes are extremely comprehensive and are broken up into two sets of notes. The first set are ‘general class notes’ and the second set are specific to the take home exam and its problem questions and policy questions. - Notes include key areas of the subject such as: international protection regimes for refugees under international refugee law, human rights laws, and the law of the sea. - Content of ‘general class notes’ will also assist you in generating real-time responses to class discussions. - All relevant cases, international conventions, legislations etc are throughly discussed in notes. TOPICS COVERED - Topic 1: International Law and the Refugee Convention - Topic 2: The Australian Refugee Law System - Topic 3: Access to Asylum & The Principle of Non-Refoulement under International Law (Art 33 Refugee Convention) - Topic 4: Non-Refoulement in Australia - Topic 5&6: The Definition of a ‘Refugee’ - Article 1A(2) - Topic 7: Complementary Protection - Topic 8: Limitations on Protection - Relocation & Exclusion - Topic 9: Cessation of Refugee Status - Topic 10: Refugee Status Decision Making


Semester 1, 2023

151 pages

45,627 words


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