Distinction Equity exam notes, covering ALL topics, including key cases and legislation. Achieved a D in Equity (LAWS2385) using these notes for the exam. Super useful and has everything you need in a 2 hour-timed in person exam! All topics including: • Introduction • Unconscionable Conduct and Undue Influence • Equitable rights and equitable titles • Fiduciary obligations • Equitable Estoppel including Remedial Equity • Equitable Assignment of Property • Trusts • Trustee duties, powers and rights and beneficiary rights • Constitution of a Trust • Express Trusts • Charitable Trusts • Resulting Trusts • Constructive Trusts • Personal liability of accessories, recipients, third parties / Barnes v Addy • Tracing • Remedies and bars to relief


Term 3, 2023

53 pages

19,551 words



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