These are my fully comprehensive detailed notes for MLL336 International Commercial Law (Revised for 2024). This is all I used for the exam. My mark was 90 HD for the subject. I scored 89% in the exam using only these notes. These notes are comprehensive and integrate everything learnt in the subject, including the prescribed readings from the textbook, lecture notes, tutorial answers, case summaries, etc. The notes cover the following topics: Topic 1: Introduction to International Commercial Law Topic: 2: CISG Topic 3: International Carriage of Goods Topic 4: Letters of Credit Topic 5: The World Trade Organisation (WTO) Topic 6: International Investment Law Topic 7: International Commercial Dispute Resolution Topic 8: Issues in International Commercial Law A- Regulating International Commercial Contracts at the Global and Regional Levels Topic 9: Issues in International Commercial Law Hope these comprehensive notes help you smash International Commercial Law!


Trimester 2, 2023

58 pages

24,331 words



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