Full set of notes that are EXTREMELY comprehensive with integrated scaffolds which are perfect for the exams (you won't even need the textbook). These notes are all I used for all the exams. I ended up with a final mark of 89. Benefits of my notes: - FULL statutory excerpts from the reading guide have been included (see green boxes). This means you won't even need to look up the legislation - I have also italicised commentary and extra nuanced points where necessary - Detailed case summaries - 150+ pages of notes List of topics: 1. Introduction 2. Concepts of Income 3. Capital Gains Tax 4. Compensation and periodic receipts 5. Income from Services 6. Fringe Benefits Tax 7. Business Income 8. Deductions: Limbs and Relevance 9. Deductions: Trading Stock 10. Deductions: Capital / Revenue Distinction 11. Alternative debt recovery 12. Partnership taxation 13. Company taxation 14. Trusts taxation 15. GST 16. Tax Administration I've included as the sample some notes from Topic 3 about Capital Gains Tax as I think this is the most important and most assessed areas from the unit. Goodluck!!


Semester 1, 2023

150 pages

58,312 words



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