These notes are clear and precise summary of the contents of LLB 2230 from week 1 to week12. The notes are concise yet comprehensive, including ALL relevant case law and legislations you need to answer the exam questions. These notes serve as a perfect reference for final exam and also w2-w9 quizzes ( the quiz questions can be tricky) , as they are structed under topics/potential questions that may come up in quizzes and final exam, with sufficient authority to support your answers! Further, I structured these notes in light of a very helpful study guide, indicated by Q xx-page xx on the notes. (Some of our lecture slides provided the same arguments and authorities as in the book, which indicates that it is a reliable guide to structure your answers for exam questions.) I have included information about the book in my notes. With the help of these notes, I achieved 87 for my final exam and an overall 85 for this subject. These notes will make you confident to sit your exam. Topics included are: • Government Accountability Mechanisms ( Ombudsman etc ) • Merits review ( standing, procedures, objectives, policy) • Judicial Review ( grounds for review, Procedural Fairness, jurisdictions, justiciability ) • Remedies for unlawful actions • Freedom of Information • Delegated Legislation


Semester 2, 2023

41 pages

7,500 words


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