This is a comprehensive but concise summary of Equity and Trust for the contents from week 3 to week 13. EACH topic has been supported with a generous amount of case law and legislations, and EACH AUTHORITY IN THE NOTES HAS BEEN CLEARLY IDENTIFIED IN THE TEXTBOOK OR THE JUDGEMENT. This not only reassures you that all the authorities in the notes are reliable, but also save you a great amount of time in reading. These notes serve as a full summary for revision and also a quick reference for your mid-term assessment and final exam. I achieved High Distinction (85) for the subject. Topics covered in the notes: • Donatio Moris Causa • Choses in Action • Chose in possession • Assignment • Priorities • Confidentiality • Resulting trust and Constructive trust • Express trust • Charitable Trusts • Duties and Responsibilities of a Trustee • Rights of Beneficiaries • Appointment and Removal of Trustees • Remedies • Tracing


Semester 2, 2023

62 pages

6,500 words


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