These notes are a concise yet comprehensive summary of week 1-5 contents of rules of Evidence. The notes are structed in a clear and logical way to serve as a quick reference for mid-term assessment. As only limited pages of reference materials are allowed ( 10pages ), these notes ( 9 pages in total) will save you huge amount of time in compiling your own. These notes also help with revision for final exam. I achieved 85 for mid-term exam, and a high-end Distinction for this subject ( 84). Topics covered include: • General rules of Admissibility and Burden of Proof • Judicial Notes and Presumptions • Rules of examining evidence • Silence of the accused and Adverse inference • Court’s power to control the proceedings • Witness’s competency and compellability • Rules of questioning witness • Credibility rules • Character evidence rules • Rules of Admission


Semester 2, 2023

9 pages

6,700 words


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