If you are looking for updated comprehensive notes on STAT1520 (Economic and Business Statistics), you have come to the right place. I have included all the formulas, theories, and practical aspects from week 1-12 that will help you throughout the semester. You do not need to purchase two separate notes because everything you will need from the start till the end of the semester is included in mine. I used my notes and scored an HD in the end so I am sure that you can too! Topics covered: 1. Introduction 2. Types of Data 3. Probability 4. Random Variables 5. Joint Distribution 6. Continuous Random Variables 7. Normal Distribution 8. Distribution of Estimators 9. Estimation 10. Hypothesis Testing 11. Two Sample Tests 12. ANOVA 13. Simple Linear Regression 14. Multiple Linear Regression 15. Types of Distributions


Semester 2, 2022

19 pages

4,002 words



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