Clear, concise notes for Equity exams. Under time pressure, you do not want to be flicking through pages of notes. Accordingly, these notes are set up as a comprehensive, logical, and precise steps for problem questions in the Equity exam. Using these notes provides clear revision, which in the exam can be used for quick and precise reference. These notes are yours! Use them as your summary notes for exams. Add extra authorities and restructure as you like! This will provide you with all that is required (and more) to answer your Equity exam comprehensively. For in person exams, I suggest printing these notes at Officeworks, getting them bound and tabbing the key chapters. This made my exam experience less stressful and my notes easily applied. Topics: Fiduciary Relationships Fiduciary Duties Confidentiality Creating Express Trusts Charitable Trusts Powers and Duties of Trustees and Rights of Beneficiaries Appointment and Removal of Trustees Remedies Tracing


Semester 2, 2023

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